Friday, December 31, 2010

Exploding Typewriters Abound!

I have been trying to write about this movie for over a week now. How do you describe sunshine? How do you describe your favourite colour? But imma do my best.

A woman wakes up with a growth on her back and then it starts to move. Then the doctors determine it's some kind of fetus. Now, this is pretty crazy. And if you're still with me you'll believe that her next logical step is to get in contact with her ex-boyfriend who happens to be Tony Curtis and a sham psychic. Yeah.

And if you're STILL with me, you'll by that it's all about a native medicine man being reborn and that it's eeeeeeeeeeeeeevil. And that throwing typewriters stops it. But what stops it even more is a half-naked chick firing lasers out of her hands.

The Manitou is a great example of bat-shit crazy. It's a watch-with-friends kind of movie because ain't no one going to believe you when you tell them about it. On top of all the craziness it's surprisingly watchable. It doesn't lag. It goes over a lot of plot quickly and making up crazy solutions. It's well shot and decently acted.  It's 80s craziness at it's best.

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