Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Keanu Hear Me?

I managed to watch the first half of The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008) and while it's not a horror film it's worthy of blog fodder. And it's my blog. So there.

So Jennifer Connelly is some kind of scientist and has to raise Will Smith's kid because she used to be married to Will Smith but he was an engineer in the army. "He went over to build, not to kill." See? Invasions are tricky and full of subtle complexities, unlike this movie. Anyway, the kid is a dick to her but she loves him anyway and is raising him because his biological mom died when he was a baby and apparently he has no other family or they realized he was a jerk and didn't want him.
J-Co, worried about if the earth will explode before she can get her bang-trauma fixed.
 Then these spheres show up. Then Keanu or Klatu shows up and is birthed out of whale blubber while J-Co's eyes get wider and wider. Klatu-Keanu says a lot of weird mumbo-jumbo that isn't really threatening but isn't that comforting either. J-Co decides to help Klatu-Keanu out and make a run for it which really pisses off Kathy Bates.

ALSO, Jon Hamm is in it! He's some kind of scientist overseer. He works really hard. You can tell from all his facial scruff. Also he says things like "We're out of time. I'm going to have to crash brief you in the conference room." And Jon Hamm can crash-brief me anywhere he likes.

And according to the opening credits John Cleese is in this. As what, I don't know. My guess is some kind of wackadoo genius that lives in the woods or some omnipotent rich guy.

I'm going to finish watching it tonight and maybe I'll even live blog it. Who knows what can happen in the final 50 minutes. Will Klatu-Keanu save them all? Will Jayden Smith stop being a little bitch? Will J-Co ever be in a decent movie post-Requiem for A Dream?

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