Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Roommate Wanted

The Roommate is a totally proficient movie. The best part about it is it's a true B-Movie. So bad it's funny because, gosh-darn it, they're trying. Too many movies are trying to be B-Movie but it doesn't work (cough cough Piranha 3D cough cough) but The Roommate is pure, simple trash. And it has Billy Zane.

But I digress...

Sara is a Jennifer Lopez look-a-like who wants to become a fashion designer (which is the only explanation for all the hats she wears) so of course she enrolls in a 4-year Design course at a university. Fuck Parsons or Central St. Martins. This one has Billy Zane on the faculty.

Sara eventually meets her roommate, Rebecca. Who is not Billy Zane. In any event, Rebecca is a Stage-5-Clinger and starts creeping everyone out. People must get scared easily in Southern California because all Rebecca's really got in her arsenal is a stink face, greasy hair and a pallid complexion.

She does her best pseudo-psycho stalker on Sara which consists of bringing her coffee after class. The amazing thing about this movie is that Rebecca is clearly the sane one. She gets rid of (and by "gets rid" I mean she rips out a slutty girl's belly-button ring, gets a pervert teacher fired and kills her creepy ex-boyfriend, so y'know... it varies) awful people.  I mean, good friends with morals are hard to find.

It's one of those great movies, where nothing is that bad and it doesn't matter that much but boy do the characters over-react to everything. And not just the crazy one. This finally began to make sense after I looked up the cast on IMDB and almost everyone is from a lightweight CW drama. Just remember, everything matters more when you're a 28 year old playing a 19 year old.

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