Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Horror Movie Coolie: Rick Baker in everything

If you haven't surmised this already, I'm a huge movie geek. I love them all. But, of course, like horror movies best. Similar to the way Charlie Sheen views his goddesses.

Looking back on this year's ridiculously boring Oscars, there was one truly exciting moment, Rick Baker won an Oscar!!!!!!! For The Wolfman!!!!! ... um, I'm less excited about the last part but I thought it would be a great opportunity to look back on one of the living legends in the industry.

His first professional job was on The Exorcist as an assistant. How cool is that? Even looking through Exorcist photos they still creep me out.
An American Werewolf In London followed for which he won the inaugural Academy Award for Best Make-Up.
His career continued working on major studio films but he still worked on smaller films such as The Frighteners. 

He classes up his big studio work, such as The Ring and Hellboy, with his singular style
Rick Baker rules. You probably have your own favourites of his work, these are mine. He blends surrealist style with the real, which has helped create some of the most memorable and enduring images in cinema history.

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