Monday, March 14, 2011

Werewolves Get Angsty and Acquire Dodgy Accents: The Live Blogging!

Sooooooo we're back and I've had several adult beverages.

Go-go Gadget Live Blogging!

12:16am OMG there is the most boring scene where comic book guy explains to Vivienne what werewolves are. Is this irony? If so it's retarded.

12:18am So Comic Book Guy and Vivienne are on a date and she takes him to the "best view of the city" which, apparently, is a sound stage.

12:20am They mac on each other then suddenly it's daylight. Happens alllllllllllllllllllll the time.

12:21am There was just a shot of her dancing in the rain which came from nowhere I might be drunker than I think. No... No... it's the children that are wrong

12:22am Oh SNAP! The werewolves are on to them! There must not be much to do when you're a werewolf. Seriously. This date-montage is bo-ring.

12:29am The dude with the hair jumps out of the shadows. Ruins the boring date and is all like, "she's taken! And she got her parents killed!" Then jumps in an SUV and drives off. This movie is nothing but consistency.

12:36am The leader of the werewolves who wants to get it in with Vivienne tells them to get rid of comic book guy. I don't get it. This guy is a nerd who's never been in a fight. Why do they need to send an entire pack of werewolves after him?

12:45am Lame Romeo and Juliet-esque montage. FYI - This is the 5th montage in this movie.

12:47am Holy crap. Comic Book Guy just quasi beat up Bad Hair guy. This is literally the lamest fight ever.

12:49am Best. Dialogue. Ever.
Comic Book Guy: I swear, I'll get on the train.
Bad Hair Guy: I AM the train.

12:52am Comic Book Guy kills Bad Hair Guy with a necklace and some bad CGI.

12:56am Comic Book Guy is all mad that Vivienne never told him she was a werewolf but he literally stalks her from the beginning. Yes, Comic Book Guy, it's her fault she's a werewolf and her fault she told you NOT to get involved with her. Manipulative douche, much?

1:00am These people are soooooo whiny. Yeesh. Lighten up.

1:02am This was made in 2007. Why is she wearing flares???????

1:06am I'm pretty sure this movie was made for $37 and someone's uncle wrote the script for free.

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