Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Horror Movie Coolie! Clemens (Charles Dance) in Alien 3

Charles Dance may be now better known as someone on Game of Thrones (No, I haven't seen it. Yes, I have every intention of seeing it.) But I will always think of him as Clemens in Alien 3.
 And yeah, to look at him... not much, right? But he's sexy because he's kind, perceptive and damn helpful to Ripley without making a huge deal about it. The more she warms up to him, so does the audience.

Alien 3 is a tricky film. I like it though it's no Alien or Aliens, but it's a totally serviceable sci-fi flick and an interesting piece of film history as it's  David Fincher's first feature film. Even though Fincher has basically disowned the movie, it's not that bad. I imagine the reports of studio interference while he was working on it was enough to make anyone want to forget the experience, but at least it's no Alien Resurrection....

But back to Clemens, the Alien series has an interesting way of provoking then disproving Ripley's suspicions which is a massive factor in her character (see Bishop in Aliens) and Clemens is no exception. While she jumps into bed with him quite quickly she is being told not to flaunt her sexuality around the prisoners who are all rapists and murderers. Clemens shows his loyalty early on and because the film's production was bleeding money Ripley suddenly becomes more trusting. Or she's getting soft in her old age and realizes people die around her all the time so she better get while the gettin's good. (cough, Hicks, cough)

What makes Clemens a Coolie is that I totally bought it. He's thoughtful without being creepy, he's charming without being gross and he's smart without being a know-it-all. A lot of men should be reading from the Book of Clemens.

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