Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Horror Movie Coolie: Sara(Stefania Casini) from Suspiria (1977)

I've talked before about the value of friends in horror films and how I love the undead out of Dario Argento's milestone film Suspiria. I got to watch Suspiria last night with someone who'd never seen it before and on all my previous viewings I never noticed how awesome Sara is. She really does most of Suzy's leg work and, unfortunately, draws the short stick in the long run.

Let us count the ways Sara is a Coolie:

1. She tries to stop Suzy from even setting foot in the school.
2. She doesn't take crap from Olga, Queen Of The Weird Hairstyles.
3. She doesn't fall for the witches tricks. She quietly works under the radar to gather the most information with arousing the least suspicion.
4. She correctly identifies the Directress' snore in the gym scene.
5. When she's in danger she does the best she can with the really shitty barbed-wire situation.
6. She's arguably the coolest undead person ever.

In most regards, Sara should have been the Final Girl. Everything points to it. So it's crappy that she can't be there to stab the hell out of the Directress with Suzy in the end, even though she doesn't, she fights like hell to escape.  Seriously, if I ever go to a dance school in Germany, the first person I'm looking up is a chick called Sara.

She has pins in her eyes. I'd like to see Olga do better.

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