Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Horror of Gifts

What to buy the girl that has everything? And by "everything" I mean her own free horror blog.

With everyone and their undead son putting together a gift guide full of truffle oil, gourmet salts and clothing items that rival a bi-weekly paycheck, I thought I'd put together some items that would be good the genre-loving among us.

Full disclosure, I haven't read The Horror! The Horror! but I sure as hell want to. Perfect for nerds and horror coolies alike.

The ultimate fan-fiction, Freddy vs Jason vs Ash is a must read for those who haven't already and we can only dream of what the movie could have been.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than a cheese of the month club. Fangoria is still the great magazine it always was and as an added bonus one of my favourite writers and Fright Bytes host Lianne Spiderbaby is a regular contributor.

We've got some cold months ahead of us. I use winter as the perfect excuse to save my money and stay in a lot. My favourite excuse is "Sorry friend, I have to finish the Friday the 13th series this weekend." Eventually, they just stop asking.... Here's a great list of some of the best horror DVD box sets out there.

Looking to do some redecorating but your favourite ax is in the shop? No fear! There are some amazing silkscreen prints of your favourite horror movies out there. My favourite is Room 237 by Tom Whalen.

I got this gift this year and it's still one of my favourite books and I insist everyone that comes over to my house looks at it for a full 5 minutes. Full of terrifying cautionary tales, Struwwelpeter is a messed up, sick and amazing look at what happens to rotten children.


  1. Freddy vs Jason vs Ash is ace, as is the Friday the 13th Box Set. I found Struwwelpeter in a cupboard a few weeks ago. No idea where it came from. Good call!

  2. Thanks! Re: Stuwwelpeter... I think ze Germans are trying to tell you something...