Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trailer Review: Cabin In The Woods

Well, the film I had completely forgotten about is getting not only a poster but also a trailer! Yup, we will finally be able to see Drew Goddard and Josh Whedon's horror film to end all horror films The Cabin in the Woods. The film has been sitting on the shelf since 2009, first it had a release date then they wanted to convert it to 3D and then MGM/Spyglass went bankrupt. But now there's a tailer, a poster and a release date for April 2012.

 Before I start listing off concerns, let's just talk trailer. Yes, they're skirting around being an homage. With the initial shot of the cabin... well, it's the same shot from Evil Dead. Which isn't bad. At least they're acknowledging the ultimate cabin-in-the-woods movie. There was some nice punchy Whedon-esque dialogue. Then it goes cray-cray. And I have two feelings about that... One being, way to be ambitious! That's really exciting in a horror movie these days. It's not a remake, an homage potentially, but not a remake. And thank God for that. The overall look of the movie is clean and slick, perhaps a little CGI-heavy but not offensive in my mind.

What worries me? Well, I refer to "Cloverfield" as "Suckfield" and the writer of that monstrosity is not only the co-writer but the flipping director for this. "Cloverfield" could have been an awesome monster movie but the whiny characters overtook it and made it about their inability not to be jerks. And, y'know, I'm just not that big a fan of Whedon. I like his ideas but I feel like they fall apart under the weight of their own ambition. Based on this trailer I saw parts of Evil Dead, Friday the 13th, Dawn of the Dead, The Strangers and Resident Evil. I'm sure there are more in there.

Look, I'll probably shell out my hard earned coinage to see this bad boy in theatres because, like Fox Mulder, I want to believe. I want to believe there are horror movies coming out that aren't based on stupidity, regurgitation or the lowest common denominator. I'll leave this review on a note of hope and caution; to paraphrase, with great ambition comes great responsibility.

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