Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Horror Mysteries: Alien (1979) - Take Me To Your Leader

To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme. No great and enduring volume can ever be written on the flea, though many there be who have tried it. - Herman Melville Moby Dick

Literary Horror.
 I do feel a bit like I've undergone some kind of intense relationship with the Alien franchise since beginning this blog. It is my Moby Dick. A film series so intricate and full of mythology that it is consistently ripe for dissection and discussion. I can only hope my Alien Quadrilogy box set doesn't wind up drowning me at the bottom of the ocean... oh... um... Spoiler alert!!

In any case, the Alien series has left me with a question that I come back to every time I wonder again and again, where did these damn Xenomorphs come from? Where better to find an answer than the interwebs an a loathed prequel series. (cough AVP cough). But in the entire Alien universe (from films to novels to comics) how do they spread?

 The first time they appear in Alien there are hundreds of eggs in the Space Jockey (the fictional item that launched a thousand websites) waiting for a host to come along. Realistically the Xenomorphs don't seem like the type to colonize planets, build spaceships, develop opposable thumbs... y'know the usual things metaphorically canabalistic races seem to do....

 Based on the extended universe of the Alien franchise we know about Xenomorph Prime, the Alien home planet. So who the hell would go there? And WHY? I would love it if this was the basis around Prometheus but who knows? Until we get our grubby hands on Prometheus let's do some speculatin'...

1. Aliens are WMDs. One of the most interesting theories in this regard is that Weyland Yutami was intent on using the Xenomorphs for wiping out a population and essentially a weapon to terraform different planets.This is the most likely, but not exactly the most complimentary of human reasoning.

2. Aliens existed only on their own planet until they became part of the Predators initiation. When teen Predators wanted to become adult Predators they'd have to steal an egg from Xenomorph Prime and then take it somewhere else and fight it. Or something. I assume Paul W.S. Anderson has all the answers to this theory locked in a vault somewhere.

3. All this (Alien vs. Predator vs. humans) is being orchestrated by superior brings. Man is the most dangerous game... except for Aliens ... and Predators...


  1. LOL @ "Man is the most dangerous game... except for Aliens ... and Predators..." But very true!