Monday, July 9, 2012

Little Pig, Little Pig Let Me In...

I've only done one of these mash-ups before with two films directly suited to each other. These two films are not directly related BUT I did see them on the same day. They've become oddly and inextricably intertwined in my head. Let's see if we can't pry them apart with some...

I caught an afternoon matinee of Prometheus (2012) this past weekend and while I admire the film its stunning visuals I think this may be one of the most inept films ever made. Honestly and truly, something like The Room has more artistic integrity that this waste of space. It's a lazy film that tries to get away with it by falling back on philosophy. And like the philosophy students I so readily avoided in university, Prometheus seems content to rest on its laurels forever randomizing scenes, characters and motivations. 

At its core a great film should aid you in suspending disbelief so you are carried away to a magical film world which allows you to escape reality for a few hours. Prometheus doesn't even try to do this. Yes it has beautiful visuals but a bland, meandering plot mixed in with characters that behave like asshats through the entire thing fails at elevating the piece beyond anything. It's not even a cheesy, thrilling movie. It's dull, lifeless and a waste of a premise. Also, fuck you Ridley Scott - it's totally a prequel to Alien. Why you were running around saying it wasn't really but exists in the same universe I'll never know. I hope you choke on the pile of cash they drove up to your manor to get you to do this. And Damon Lindelof needs a good smack. 

Prometheus blew chunks, beautiful hi-res chunks.

Inside (2007) on the other hand take place mainly in one location on Christmas Eve. The film follows Sarah (Alysson Paradis) who survives (along with her unborn child) a car crash that kills her husband. Several months later a deeply depressed and heavily pregnant Sarah prepares to spend the night alone before going to the hospital to deliver the baby the following morning. As she prepares for bed a strange woman arrives at her door knowing Sarah's name and that her husband is dead. What follows is 90 minutes of sheer unrelenting brutality. 

With visitors showing up and every household item being used as a weapon, Inside is a relentless, visceral experience. While it's not perfect and definitely not for everyone it has more guts (figuratively) than Prometheus could ever dream of. 

Prometheus travels to the far reaches of the universe over several years whereas Inside sets the menace much closer to home. While both films deal with a need to understand creation and fight for survival Inside actually bothers to tell a story with a clear beginning, middle and brutal end. Something Prometheus couldn't do if their android butler showed them how.

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