Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Trailer Park

As we enter the dog days of summer my hair grows in size and sweating becomes a permanent state. I had my first ray of sunshine when I saw Halloween candies on sale at my local grocery store which is always a good sign because as it gets cooler scary movies will invade our cineplexs.

I have to say, what's selling me on The Possession is Sam Rami's involvement. That man could sell me hot coals on a summer day, so understand that I'm biased. The Possession tells the story of a young girl who buys a random box at a garage sale that has a demon in it that starts possessing her. (really) The Possession plays out against the back drop of the parents divorce and their efforts to save their daughter. Like most horror movies, this is based on a true story. There is documentation of these events from various sources and strange things kept happening on set as they decided to use the actual demon box on set. I repeat, actual demon box. I hope the actor's union knows about this.

I loved me some Paranormal Activity 3. It was definitely the best of the trilogy by being surprising but staying within the confines established by the first two films. It also made a bazillion dollars so of course Paranormal Activity 4 was rushed into production. And after a pre-teaser trailer we finally got the official first trailer for PA4.


Um, yeah. This feels more like a Nancy Drew movie instead of a Paranormal Activity film. With the first three films dealing with a specific family I feel like it will be hard for them to break away from them and establish characters that we care about. Except for Micha, man was that guy a tool. 

Then we have the deeply original The Apparition which stars Ashley Green as a girl who can't find clothes that fit her and Tom Felton as someone who ages awkwardly. I couldn't even finish the trailer I was so bored.

Then we have Resident Evil Retribution which I hope is better than Resident Evil Afterlife which was basically just a set up for this one. But it looks ambitious so maybe they'll pull it off. Even if they don't there's always Milla Jovovich.


And there are always way more indepent films coming out. Three of the biggies are V/H/S which I've heard mixed things about.... (more bad than good from the people I trust)


... Rec 3 which makes a bold statement by moving away from the apartment building and setting a zombie apocolypse around a wedding... (like Melancholia but with blood)

... and finally The Tall Man, which is getting some not so great reviews but I will see it because Pascal Laugier directed it and he also directed Martyrs which is one of my favourite scary films which if you haven't seen you really should. I don't think this will be nearly as good but I think it's worth checking out.


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