Friday, January 4, 2013

Trailer Review: Evil Dead (2013)

I know mine will hardly be the first to be talking about the pomp and circumstance of the new red band trailer for the Evil Dead remake, but mine is not a high horse. And I went through a sparkly rainbow of emotions as I watched it. While I'm sure there will be much better analysis of what the hell is going on in this thing, I thought I'd take the media machine behind the film up on its offer to document my reactions.

Firstly, what dim-witted sad-sack is going to take this film company up on taping themselves while watching the trailer? WHO? No, really, I want names. Frankly, this whole concept grossed me out. It follows on the footsteps of Lovely Molly and The Devil Inside by putting a website above the creative content of the film. I was pretty turned off when, at the end of Lovely Molly, the first credit is a website address. The Devil Inside doesn't even have an ending, it has a website. I believe you make a film to tell a story. Really, any story your heart desires. But then to add on this kind of additional content well... it's a bit much. I understand the want and need to create a community and I think that's one of the wonderful things about the internet. But this media-force-fed BS has got to stop. It's pandering and gross. Stop it.

Anyway, on to the show. We open on a creepy cottage with rain. I like this. It's similar enough to my beloved original but in the Rob Zombie/Christopher Nolan era of remakes it's basically understood that you have to go darker or there's no point, right? Right. Then we've got an actress begging to be taken away from the cottage which takes forever because she's enounciating very goddamn letter. Listen lady, if you want to get taken out of there, tell them it's that time of the month and you're out of tampons. Guys will practically whisk you out of that cabin tout suite.

Now the Necronomicon. I really like this new version of the book, wrapped in what looks like a garbage bag and with "leave this book alone" scrawled on it, it's appropriately creepy and enticing. We're then cutting back and forth between some nerd reading through the book and the girl we saw previously getting chased through the woods by the some unseen force. I really like the look of these shots. They are gray and drizzly, giving it a nice atmosphere without hitting you over the head with it. It won't top the smoke machines of the original, but hey, what will?

Then forest-running lady (run, Forrest, run!) gets really extra super possessed and there appears to be some possibly very cool practical effects and some great makeup work. The sense I get is they're using more practical effects than CGI which would be a much welcome palate cleanser. Then she attacks her friends, they all start getting sort of possessed and going generally cray-cray.

Then there are lots of cuts. Hundreds, possibly thousands of cuts basically showcasing the gore which looks rightfully excessive and bloody. They also take this opportunity to incorporate some of our favourite scenes from the original; hands being cuts off, decapitated heads taunting you, the usual.

Overall, it's a pretty decent trailer and enough to peak any horror fans interest. Hopefully the same can be said of the completed film.

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