Sunday, December 22, 2013

Horror Movie Coolie (Christmas Edition and Brief 2013 Wrap-Up): Lynn Peltzer aka Mom (Francis Lee McCain) in Gremlins (1984)

Mom's do a lot for their respective families especially around the Holidays. There's a lot of hard work that goes into parenting that you only realize the older you get (or have a child yourself). I put on Gremlins (1984) which had been handed down to me by my dear friend Paul "Canuxploitation" Corupe which I hadn't watched since I was a child. I remember being terrified of this movie. The Gremlins creeped me out beyond belief and no amount of "but it's a horror-comedy" could convince me otherwise.

Sidenote: I had some kind of weird flashback while watching this movie. I remember going to, I believe, Universal Studios when I was a child and going in to see some kind of "educational" show which gets overtaken by Gremlins and it, again, scaring the shit out of me. Does anyone know what that show was called? I'd love to be able to tell my therapist.

ANYWAY, in last night's viewing I was struck by how violent Gremlins is which now I appreciated and helps me justify my earlier terror of this film. I also LOVED the Mom (aka Mrs. Peltzer) in this movie. She was really lovely and warm but when the Gremlins show up she does as much damage as Ellen Ripley did on her best day. Observe:

See? Pretty badass and crazy, right? I appreciate when characters adapt to the situation they are presented with rather then run around questioning why or disbelieving.  Mrs. Peltzer is a Horror Movie Coolie in my books because she not only supported her family emotionally, but also with a kitchen knife... and a microwave....

Quick wrap up for 2013, the biggest thing this year was the launch of The Faculty of Horror with my co-host Andrea "Hellbat" Subissati. It's something I've loved doing and have been completely overwhelmed by the response.

I also started my column for Diabolique magazine called The Devil Made Us Watch It. It was a complete surprised to be asked to do it but I'm very excited for the opportunity. If you've read it, drop me a line and let me know what you think. 

My favourite genre films of this year we're The World's End and You're Next, both funny and engaging featuring great performances.

My biggest disappointment of this year was the documentary Camp Crystal Lake Memories. Made by the same guys who did the AMAZING Never Sleep Again documentary and utilizing the same format, CCLM was a clunker in every sense of the word. It's extraordinarily boring with none of the cultural or business insight that made NSA so interesting and watchable. It becomes clear that the Friday the 13th series (which I am a fan of) truly was a cash grab that had little heart or soul behind it from a creators standpoint. But if you want a six hour plus documentary about actors whining about how hard it was to film, then have I got the movie for you. 


  1. I can't say I was ever scared of The Gremlins. Even as a kid I knew they were puppets, unlike the Xenomorph which I was convinced was crawling down the hall to my bedroom every night.